About the Midwest Society of Periodontology


The Midwest Society of Periodontology was conceived in 1958 by Dr.’s Genevieve Roth, Irving Charles Stone, Jack Penticuff, Henry Swenson and Erwin Schaffer. They started meeting and spending time together during the Chicago Midwinter Meeting and began discussions of the need for a regional periodontal society. The first meeting was in February 1958 with a business meeting, scientific session and a cocktail hour. The society has continued to grow to a premier regional periodontal society.

Purpose of the Society

  • To unite a group having a common interest in the science of periodontology
  • To advance the science of periodontology
  • To enlighten the public to the role of periodontology as related to general health and public welfare
  • To cooperate with dental education institutions in the area by fostering periodontal education at all level
  • To increase a better understanding of periodontology with the medical and health services